Preventing Crime


Community Safe has developed innovative methods to tackle property crime and ensure the safety of vulnerable people. Our processes reduce the fear of crime, improve community cohesion and protect the reputation of areas to live work and invest in.

Tackling Property Crime is one of the areas that Community Safe and its Partners strive to combat.

We are just one part of a process that helps people, families and communities combat Domestic Violence, Hate Crime, Burglary, Anti-Social Behaviour and Business Crime

Community Safe are able to establish perpetrators methods of attack based on the property type, its location and areas of weakness. We fit measures that make people safe & feel safe within their own home by reducing the posibility of attack by perpetrators.

The added benefits of creating a secure home for people, reduces fear of crime, reduces the impact on NHS services through stress related illnes caused by the fear of crime and reduces the impact on statutory organisations having to deal with repeat property attack.


Overciming Crime