About Us

About Us

Community Safe are a not for profit, Social Enterprise aiming to improve the quality of lives for individuals, families and communities suffering from Burglary, Domestic Violence, Hate Crime, Anti-Social Behaviour & Business Crime.

Community Safe are a first in the UK, no other agency delivers crime prevention with architectural and construction processes.

We aim to do one thing really well, keep families safe within their own homes. We want our clients to feel and be safe within their own home, business and communities, we do want not our clients living with the fear of crime.

Community Safe have worked with Criminal Psychologists to understand the mind set of people who commit property crime, we have worked closely with the UK’s Leading Criminologists at Liverpool & Huddersfield Universities. We have been working with Crime Prevention Officers of Merseyside Police and also ex offenders, to establish the methods used to attack properties and more importantly, the reason why particular properties are chosen as targets.

Combining an Architectural background with our knowledge of criminal processes, Community Safe deliver methods to protect people, property, communities and environments. The methods and products we use are aesthetically pleasing, but have a real impact and are a psychological deterrent to potential perpetrators.

Our aim is to create safer place to live, work and invest. We aim to make people feel safe within their own homes, and to make a difference to the quality of lives for people who are vulnerable.


Preventing Crime